Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunny Saturday Special

86 tries, level 8 sunburn and level 6 exhaustion yielded this lovely photo of a naff trick:

This, on the other hand took a cack handed amateur 1 try and little effort or physical pain. Although it involved being reprimanded by the city police 3 times. And told that taking photos.. other than point and shoot are illegal in the city without prior permission. So it turns out all terrorists like to use some off camera flashes and get a nice framed, composed shot... yeah right; you fucknut idiot.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Moroccan Setbacks

I carelessly went to Morocco over Easter and Luc went to Canada to slide down hills on extended feet. So Andy was left in England to ponce around in women's clothes. In other words there hasn't been much skateboarding for a while. Until last Saturday in the distinctly summery weather Luc drove us to a few different 'spots' in St. Albans. Here's a sequence:

It is legit so suck my balls. Photo by Luc Lacey, click to enlarge