Thursday, July 27, 2006

Potters Bar Skatepark

Luc passed his driving test, so we went on our first little outing to Potters Bar Skatepark on Tuesday. It's a nice smooth concrete skatepark which is well designed for the size. There is a good balance between transition and street type obstacly things. Shame about the balance between skateboarders and little chav BMX'ers. That could be improved as they go round in a circle which makes it basically impossible to skate at times. Anyway we had a good time and got enough footage to make a montage, so I did and strangley enough it's right here:

Friday, July 21, 2006

Sleeping In

Whenever I capture a tape, all the footage is just sitting there and to me that says: "edit me" So, this is tape 7, which can now be more affectionately named: 'Sleeping in'
Click the picture to view the video.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Ups&Downs Promo

I made a promo for Ups&Downs. I'm not really sure about it so I'll make a new one soon.
Click the picture to the view the promo.

Cotch à la Frog, Radicoolo and Ups&Downs in London

You would be forgiven for being confused at the title of this post. All is explained below:
These are two montages from two different gaps that two different people sessioned on two different days.

Click the image below to view 'Radicoolo'

Click the image below to view 'Cotch a la Frog'

Here is an old montage of London footage: