Saturday, March 24, 2007

Long time. No blog....What?

I've been really busy trying not to get expelled from school so I haven't put much up for a while. Today we went to a cool bank spot and did some stuff but didn't get any hard evidence. *Checks ebay for cameras* Last night Luc ollied over a fence while i lay on the floor breaking my neck against a bin attempting to take a photo. I'll put that on later. For the moment here is a picture from 2 weeks ago of me doing a Backside Nollie on a 'bank' at Tower Hill. Click it to make it look good.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


A huge skinny dog belonging to a peculiarly tall man contributed to making today one of the best skates this year. Although Andy wasn't there and it rained it was fun(ny) and Luc took some sick photos. Click them to see the proper quality ones:

Luc's Flickr
for more photos from today