Friday, August 11, 2006


Sameer and I emerged from the platform to see Andy waiting on the floor wearing a very fetching cardigan. We skated about 5 different bank spots and got some footage. (Which will be appearing here this Sunday probably) For lunch we decided on Euston 'Meatball' Subway which was mediocre to poor. We then headed for docklands and skated a new spot and got more footage. The train journey home included quotes such as "What's an oaf? Have you ever seen an oaf Andy?" quite closely followed by "You ruined my day Sameer" There were a few funny incidents including a tiny asian and a 35 year old skinhead a gay a stingy twat and a policeman.

Felix (the human) came with us to London on Saturday and he ollied the southbank 7 with his only difficulty coming from his blisters from his nike SB's. Nike have a plot to destroy skateboarding slowly but surely through niggling injuries. Maybe? Anyway Luc got a run and a trick. Whereas i smashed my knee in and kicked gravel around. Montage later.
Click the image below for the London Montage:


At 8:07 pm, Blogger Jamie said...

Looks like you skated some funs spots. That backside flip at the end is nice.


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